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December 19, 2010


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congratulations on the new gig, guys! TB will be missed-and I'm very sad to see you close shop here--but it's good to know you'll both be putting your well-honed critical chops to use over at TCJ. So now there actually is something to look forward to in 2011! best of luck & Happy New Year!

Mike Rhode

Book! Book! Put together a book of the best of!

Mike Rhode

And you know I'm right.

Noah Berlatsky

This is fantastic news. Looking forward to having you all as neighbors!

Craig Fischer

Aw, thanks for all the nice comments, guys. I'll be too busy in the next few months to compile a TB "best-of" book, Mike, but I've been thinking of it as a long-term project. (I also intend to strip-mine some of my posts--particularly the one on TAMARA DREWE--for academic articles.)

And Noah: hope we don't make property values plummet! We'll be the redneck family down the block with the rusted-out cars in the front yard...


Congratulations, Craig! I'll add the new bookmark...

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