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September 13, 2010


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Mike Rhode

I've bought First Class w/ Craig based on his recommendation, and Underground because I always like Steve's work, and still have read neither of the darn things. Good article though, Craig.

Charles Hatfield

An interesting one for me, Craig, because, truth to tell, I don't have *any* idea about Jeff Parker, having not sampled any of the comics you've named. I've been out of it! So I don't have a set of preconceptions going in, any opinion about whether the comics are "as good as some people think they are" or not. I've got to admit that what appeals to me in the above is the work of Steve Lieber (and Ron Chan) rather than the chatty dialogue by Parker, but I do like the basic conceit of UNDERGROUND, the idea of doing a spelunking adventure in comics, something that entails research and an effort to evoke a certain kind of environment.

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