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July 23, 2010


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Great observations, Craig!

And how wonderful that Kirby panel is! Your remark about taciturn character dialogue is certainly pertinent. In today's US mainstream comics there's too much of characters barking three-word sentences at each other while gritting their teeth.

One doesn't even need to go as far back as FF #62 for a different aesthetic. Recently I browsed through Grant Morrison's Justice League run from the mid-90s and was struck how information- and word-dense it is.

I want more eloquence in US mainstream comics :-)

James Medina

I agree completely.

The overabundance of words has been a nagging problem for quite a while. I remember reading one of the archived editions of Legion of Superheroes and being amazed at how overabundant the words were. I think one of the major problems deals with the scripting process and juxtaposing that to the artwork, but I still feel that this does not excuse many situations; like a character saying five different things about an obstacle, "Oh no! This large purple alien elephant is about to fall on us and smash us to pieces"! Stuff like that is inexcusable.

I very much like Irredeemable, the sense of dissimilarity and parallels between the idealistic Superman and the insane Plutonian really struck a cord with me. I got a sense of what Lex Luthor feels about "The man of tomorrow", a similar feeling that I found in Lex Luthor: Man of Steel by by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

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