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December 14, 2008


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Mike Rhode

I've liked this one the best of his three books, and I liked all three of them. I think his pacing has improved and he's gotten better at wrapping up an anecdote. This was one of my favorites this year too.


Thanks for the comment, Mike!

Agreed: Burma is the best of Delisle's travel books. The shaping of the anecdotes is stronger, the structure of the book surer. The drawing continues to be terrific.

I'm struck by how much different Delisle's travelogues are from, say, Joe Sacco's journalistic comics, and yet how much I learn from both. There are comic elements in both, but Delisle plays his know-nothing persona to different effect.

I've found a review of Burma Chronicles by Sacco himself, from, of all things, the National, the newspaper from Abu Dhabi in the UAE:


A sharp, smart piece.

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