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September 24, 2008


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Brad Brooks

Fandom Confidential was great. Jim Engel and Chuck Fiala used to draw really good funny animal comics too, if I recall correctly. Thanks for reminding us of this great book. Off now to dig it out myself...

Tim Broderick

I've known Chuck for many years. He's recently got back into cartooning and can be found here: http://www.swordandsarcasm.com/

Jim Engel

Hey, Craig----thanks for the swell piece on FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL! I re-read it once a year myself, and I TOO still find it funny. Those days on TCR with Chuck, doing F.C., "DICK DUCK, DUCK DICK" and "BULLET CROW" for our friends Mike Tiefenbacher & Jerry Sinkovec (in the company of friends like Alan Jim Hanley & Don Rosa) were some of the best times I've ever had. High points were being accused of "bad taste" in a letter from Bill Gaines after we did the return of Graham Ingles, a letter from Stan on the "soapbox" strip (and the April "Stan Is Dead" cover I did), and being defended in print by Alex Toth after some guy complained that the pages Chuck & I were using up would be better used on old Superman newspaper strip reprints.

I loved doing Fandom Confidential, and miss doing it (I had some pencilled up that we never got to)...it's nice to have the book collecting it (although there WERE a few pages done after the Kitchen Sink book came out. There was also a pretty funny 2-pager shot at a CBG picnic that ran in..CBG...most obscure are the special ad strips we shot to advertise the Kitchen collection that ran in THE COMICS JOURNAL, CBG, TCR, and THE SPIRIT...).

Anyway---thanks for--sniff---remembering.

Confidentially Yours,
Jim Engel

PS--thanks to Tim B. for the link to Chuck's strip. I'd never seen it.

PSS---Yes, that WAS me on the COMICON.COM thread.

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