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July 01, 2008


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Derek Mantle

Thanks Charles. I've just stumbled onto your site, and it's one of those synchronistic things, as I've just been reading 'Alec: How to be an artist' over the last two days on the way and back from work.

I've enjoyed your take on 'Alec: How to be an artist' and you've pointed out some interesting and very worthwhile things from a different angle to my thoughts on the whole book.

Humanity the overriding context to this and any of Eddie's best work, for me at least.

I've followed him for over two and a half decades and I feel that Eddie's journey has touched my thoughts/feelings like no other artist in any field and I'm immensely grateful.

Cheers Eddie.

Thanks guys for the hard work also. I'll be back.

Best regards,


Derek, thanks for the kind words! Glad to have you here. You said,

"Humanity the overriding context to this and any of Eddie's best work, for me at least."

I couldn't agree more. And it's that overriding context that lends meaning and heft even to the gossipy, industry-insider stuff in "How to Be an Artist." To me, Campbell's work breathes humanity and significance into even the most parochial of concerns.

I love that we have an artist like Campbell who merges the horizons of comics culture with the larger horizons of culture, art, literature. But I love even more the unassuming but devastating humanness of his work.

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