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June 21, 2008


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Craig, I envy you this gig (he said, sitting in his apartment in Los Angeles County). Bring us back anecdotes!

I agree that "Sherlock, Jr." is wonderful. I remember watching that in my undergrad Intro to Film course (taught by Ed Brannigan at UCSB), in which we would watch the same film twice each week, and the Keaton brought the house down, twice. It didn't seem to have aged a day. So ingenious, so light on its feet, and so damn funny.

I liked almost every film I watched in that class (though "Hiroshima Mon Amour" drove me nuts with frustration), but the Keaton was a real favorite of mine. I've worshiped at the Keaton shrine since. :)

Looking forward to hearing about the EC panels!


PS. "Light Children" looks very interesting indeed. I dig high fantasy, which there aren't too many good examples of in comics, so I'm looking forward to this.


Thanks again for stopping by and for picking up a copy of our first LIGHT CHILDREN book. We were blown away by the response and the support at the con - over 160 books sold! Dustin told us that is quite a feat for a self-published, non-hyped single title, especially at a 10 dollar price point. We are thrilled.

Good seeing you, and hope it is not too long before we see you again,

Ben Towle

FYI: The "Covering Comics" panel mentioned in this post is now online at the Dollar Bin podcast site:


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