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January 24, 2008


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I love Yummy Fur. Obviously the Ed the Happy Clown stuff is a hoot, but I stuck with it when it went autobiographical for its bravery and clarity of observation.

You present the page well. The only thing I would add is how it makes me ask the question: "What is she counting up to?" It helps create the tension in the scene as Chester heads for that unknowable moment, or for his banal destiny.


Ah, Siskoid, nice observation. Yeah, the droning of the count (twenty-five, twenty-six...), which seems tangential to the images, helps bring a certain tension to the scene, the more so because it adds to our sense that the moment, for Chester, is far more significant than its brevity would suggest. For a scene that, ostensibly, lasts only a few second, this has real impact. I thought of Eisner when thinking about the counting as a device; it's the sort of precise, real-world timing that he would sometimes introduce into a scene (a clock's ticking, a faucet dripping, that sort of thing).

Yummy Fur, ach, it's one of the great alt comic book series. Me, I signed on in what turned out to be the middle of "Fuck" (issue #28 I think, Spring 1992, or later when I found it). I don't think I would have coped very well with the earlier, more scatological "Ed" stuff if I'd seen it first, without looking at Brown's more understated autobio stuff beforehand. In short, I worked through Yummy Fur bass-ackward, and it helped me. Now I think the "Ed" stuff is wonderful (YF #4 still remains one of the most shocking and effective comic books I've ever read).

Thanks again for dropping by! I've got you bookmarked. :)

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